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  • Is Generative AI the next hype cycle of web3?

    Is Generative AI the next hype cycle of web3? Generative AI is a platform shift in technology. This powerful new class of large language models makes it possible for machines to write code, draw art and create content with credible and sometimes superhuman results.   A few weeks ago, OpenAi, a nonprofit in which Microsoft is […]

  • Faculty Group allocates USD$5 Million to invest in Ocean Protocol ecosystem fund

    Faculty Group allocates USD$5mil to the Ocean Protocol Ecosystem Fund A new era for big data Faculty Capital, the venture capital division of Faculty Group, has pledged $5 million USD to support the Ocean project ecosystem fund. The Faculty Group and Ocean Protocol collaboration started in 2019 and has focussed on ways to work in […]

  • Bitcoin and its impact on developing nations.

    In Brief: Bitcoin and government money The role of Bitcoin in developing worlds How exactly blockchain helps developing worlds El Salvador Bitcoin experiment “The inevitable failures of fiat currency create the success of bitcoin.” — Unknown Bitcoin and government money Until the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, there was no credible alternative to the currencies […]

  • State of VCs, Protocols using your money – The Facs, P. 2

    Taking a deep dive into how protocols and exchanges use the money you deposit with them to buy crypto and leverage. How VCs are not immune to over-leveraging and become insolvent. This and more in our second episode of ‘The Facs’. Absorb industry insights directly from a group of real blockchain experts, smart contract developers […]

  • The Facs Podcast P.1

    Why does retail buy tops? Are there measures DeFi can adopt to protect crypto newcomers? The future of L1’s come ETH POS.. and more in our first episode of Faculty Podcast. Absorb industry insights directly from a group of real blockchain experts, smart contract developers and ex-investment bankers working closely with some of your favorite […]

  • History of Web2 and the evolution to Web3

    In brief: How the Web started out. The evolution to Web2. The first mentions of Web3. The vision and the issues of Web3. The future. Web1 Imagine this; it’s the 2000’s and you’re booting up your ‘PC’, your very own Personal Computer.A nifty device, you even got one of the more powerful versions with high-end […]

  • The Celsius Liquidity Crisis: How it impacts YOU and the Markets

    ”Banks are not your friends, we all know that. So we decided to create a replacement for the banking system, right? Something that acts in your best interest. A place where you can have your money work for you, not just you work for your money.” Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network In a time […]

  • The Correlation Between Crypto, Gold and S&P500

    In brief: Historical comparison between Bitcoin and Gold. Understanding how these assets correlate. Slow process of Bitcoins social acceptance. Lack of a regulated crypto news cycle. Ever since the mainstream media started talking about Bitcoin back in 2017, the primary metaphor used to begin scratching the surface of understanding what Bitcoin is, was to say […]

  • NFTs place in gaming culture and the empowerment of its communities

    Even though we would all like to think we know exactly what NFTs are, we must not ignore the fact that Non-Fungible Tokens are still a very new technology, not just to crypto-savvy people but most importantly to no-coiners on whose swift adoption the faith of the tech lies in. Non-fungible tokens are a new […]