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  • Is Generative AI the next hype cycle of web3?

    Is Generative AI the next hype cycle of web3? Generative AI is a platform shift in technology. This powerful new class of large language models makes it possible for machines to write code, draw art and create content with credible and sometimes superhuman results.   A few weeks ago, OpenAi, a nonprofit in which Microsoft is […]

  • History of Web2 and the evolution to Web3

    In brief: How the Web started out. The evolution to Web2. The first mentions of Web3. The vision and the issues of Web3. The future. Web1 Imagine this; it’s the 2000’s and you’re booting up your ‘PC’, your very own Personal Computer.A nifty device, you even got one of the more powerful versions with high-end […]

  • The Correlation Between Crypto, Gold and S&P500

    In brief: Historical comparison between Bitcoin and Gold. Understanding how these assets correlate. Slow process of Bitcoins social acceptance. Lack of a regulated crypto news cycle. Ever since the mainstream media started talking about Bitcoin back in 2017, the primary metaphor used to begin scratching the surface of understanding what Bitcoin is, was to say […]